We've received more than a few requests now looking for a PAL version of the film.  First of all, thanks for everyone's interest!!

However, please note that [practically] all PAL DVD players will read NTSC discs and output a converted video signal. Depending on the age/quality of the DVD player, it may be straight PAL (rare) or PAL60 (common).. or if it's a true 'dual-format' DVD player, you will also have the option to output an unconverted NTSC signal.

Most PAL TV sets [manufactured in the last 10+ years] will accept PAL60 just fine, and the viewing should be seamless.  If you have a DVD player that can output unconverted NTSC, you will either need a dual-format TV (not uncommon, but not standard) that can accept an NTSC signal, or select 'PAL60' as the output in your DVD setup menu to be used on a regular PAL-only TV set.

Converting the other way (playing PAL discs on NTSC players) hardly ever works, so that is why we chose to make an NTSC disc.

For those with PAL playback equipment, we suggest first trying an NTSC DVD or checking your manual/software menu to verify the options.  However, if you order a copy and it does not play back on your system, you of course may return it!

Thanks again for your interest!  If (after checking, please) you are indeed unable to play NTSC discs, let us know at info@dontplaydead.com, and if we see enough demand, we may look into releasing a PAL version.. but that would be several months out at least (plus image quality is lost in the conversion of our NTSC footage to PAL format).

Thanks again, and safe and high flying!